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Sell your device

It’s simple. You trade-in your old device for an instant cash voucher.

We could also erase data on your phone and tablet for a small fee, using internationally approved software (used by leading brands in the USA and Europe). The data erasure will be done in your presence and takes an average of 2 to 3 minutes. Once completed we will instantly send you a data wipe certificate as proof of data erasure.

Android Erasure

High Level (3 Times) – DoD 5220.22-M – Overwrite the data with a value, then with the inverse of that value, then with a random value, verifying the write after each step. The first two wipes theoretically pull the magnetic field fully in one direction, then fully in the other, eliminating any residue of the original value. Data is overwritten in 1st pass with 0’s, 2nd pass with 1’s, and the last pass with random segments for data sanitization.

iOS Erasure

The defaulted Erasure for iOS is Secure Cryptographic Erase. The data on the device is encrypted by default, a new AES-256 encrypted file system is added and the old encryption keys are permanently removed during the erasure process. Once the device Secure Erase is completed we can regain the connection to the device and update the Erasure status. This encrypted file system replacement makes the recovering of old data impossible.

Our competitive prices are based on bids placed by dealers from across the country. As such, when dealers compete to buy your device, what you get will be the highest quote on the platform.

We accept devices that power on and are in working condition. Our condition descriptions are clearly stated to help you make the proper selection. We give you complete price-range visibility to make it easier, which means no surprises. The price you see is the price you get. It’s fast, easy, and no haggling! Based on the final condition given by the agent, you can choose to accept or refuse to trade-in your device. The last call is in your hand.

You can use any of the following in original (no copies or photos):
– Emirates ID
– Driving license